Zebedee Shoes has gone live online!!

Posted by Liz Guarnaccia on

Welcome to Zebedee Shoes.

Well, we have finally gone live online.  And this is our first ever blog!

 Hasnt the last few weeks been life changing for us all - I do hope you are all staying safe at home and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful NHS and key workers for all they do!! 🌈 

I must admit it has taken me a long time to do this as I’ve had to get my head around being a perfectionist in the fitting department but we are trying to get as much of our knowledge onto our website so we can to give you the ultimate shopping experience everywhere and change to adapt to current situations.

We say this all the time in the shop to our customers that we are always here to help and advise as much as we can and through our expertise, experience and product knowledge we can scale your order and needs down as much as possible.

I am so excited to bring you these blogs as we can talk about things you need to know as customers so ping us a message if you want us to blog or upload a video to chat about foot health or learning to tie your shoelaces or anything you are unsure about! 

Our Zebedee community is such a lovely place to be, we have amazing mums who visit us and we form great friendships and watch the children grow up before our eyes.  

Watch this space for our up to the minute blogs 😊

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